We are inviting ordinary people with no special skills and bags of enthusiasm to live happier lives, improve the town and have fun in the process.

You may have heard of Transition Dorking, but you may also have absolutely no idea of who we are or what we do, but can you do any of this…

  • Help grow local food either for yourself or for the wider community?
  • Help sell local produce via our high street stall Food Float?

Or can you do this …

  • Save energy yourself or do your bit to help others save energy?
  • Play your own small part in starting a project to generate local energy?

Or maybe you could have a go at this …

  • Be part of a team organising a one-off event such as a pop up restaurant?
  • Harvest apples at the community orchard?

Perhaps you are thinking ” I already recycle, buy local food & have double glazing. What else do you want from me?” 

Keep doing that stuff. A key principle of Transition Dorking is meeting future challenges does not mean living a life of bleak austerity. We like to say “it’s more like a party than a protest march”. We need your ideas and your time and energy to do all sorts of things.

If you would like to read a copy of our constitution you can download it here: Const Issue 1

News & Events

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Dorking Community Orchard Work Evenings - Alternate Mondays

Dorking Orchard is running work evenings on alternate Mondays throughout the summer.  The next one is Monday 7th July. . . They start around 6pm and finish by 7:30pm.  Come and...
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Inner Transition

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Food Float

Food Float is a not for profit, Community Interest Company (CIC) largely run and supported...

Dorking Community Orchard

We have established a small but growing community orchard on a beautiful, 2 acre site...

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