What is “peak oil”?
The point in time when the global production of oil reaches its maximum rate, after which production gradually declines. Remember how in old films someone would discover oil and it would come gushing out of the ground and the discoverers would all cheer, throw their hats in the air? Well, that doesn’t happen anymore. There is still a lot of oil in the ground but it is harder to get to. The difficulty in getting to it and getting it out of the ground means it is more expensive to get and therefore more expensive for the consumer. What we’re also seeing is that the process of extraction is more visible and disruptive to our lives.

What is “resilience”?
Resilience is the ability of a system or a community to withstand external shocks. It’s the ability to bounce back after an accident or some significant change. For example, if we have a huge snowstorm and the supermarkets cannot replenish their shelves, how well and for how long can the community cope? A community that gets a lot of its energy from renewable resources and local food supplies will fare better than one entirely reliant on fossil fuels and supermarkets.

What political party are you affiliated with?
We’re not. We are entirely volunteer-led, group of local residents who want to see a strong, vibrant Dorking. We find that our concerns—supporting local food production, reducing our carbon footprint, sourcing cleaner energy—are shared by people across the political spectrum.

Where do you get your money?
We raise money through a variety of means including our pop-up restaurant series and quiz nights. We also apply for small grants through Mole Valley District Council and Surrey County Council.

What do you do with your money?
Our expenses are few but they do exist. We have printing and copying costs as well as room hire and catering costs for various events.

I already recycle, buy local food, and have double glazing. What else do you want from me?
Well done you! Keep doing that stuff. It is a key tenet of Transition that changing to meet future challenges does not mean living a life of bleak austerity. As we like to say: ” it’s more like a party than a protest march”. We need your ideas and your time energy to do all sorts of things—for example……(we need examples)

I heard you’re in favour of fracking! Please explain.
Our thoughts on fracking got us a lot of attention—not all of it wanted or especially helpful.
We want to live in a world where renewable energy use is the norm and fossil fuel use is rare. We are committed to making that happen. Until it does happen “to frack or not to frack” is a difficult question. Please read more about our thoughts here (Link to web page on fracking).

If you have any more questions please do get in touch via the Contact Us section.

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