The Energy Group

The Transition Dorking Energy Group (TDEG) exists to Help individuals reduce their energy consumption and their carbon footprint by assisting local people to make their homes more energy efficient and reduce their energy use outside the home. Contribute to local and national CO2 reduction targets to generate electricity from green sources (solar, wind, etc.) Help […]

Dorking Knit Up

Knit Up is an open group of enthusiastic knitters of all levels and abilities who meet monthly to work and chat together.¬†They don’t formally teach knitting but if you are stymied by a particular pattern it’s highly likely the group can don their (knitted!) thinking caps and will be able to help you. Despite calling […]

Garden Share

garden share

Dorking Garden Share Scheme aims to put people who are keen to grow their own produce, but don’t have the space or don’t have a garden, in touch with those who have space in their gardens that they are willing to share. It provides an alternative to having an allotment and it’s a brilliant way […]

I Understand

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