Transition Dorking Spring 2017 Newsletter out now and a special invitation!

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The latest newsletter is out now. If you are not signed up, please complete the link in the header of the web page.
Please join us on Thursday June 15th for this exciting event from 7.00pm onwards for refreshments. The event will start at 7.45 and finish by 9pm.
This date, which was chosen months ago as an opportunity to reflect on what we have achieved and where we go next, is going to be…how shall we say:
auspicious… interesting… important.
We will be a week on from our second general election in two years.
TD folks feel that whatever way it goes we will need to be more prepared than ever to work towards creating a resilient community, ready to face external knocks, shocks or figurative tidal waves.
We have learnt such a lot since we started in 2005. We have projects that started off on the initial Transition surge of energy and enthusiasm that now stand alone such as Foodfloat, The Community Orchard and the Dorking Solar Group. We have newer projects such as The Children’s Allotment. We have occasional activities such as consultations, Pop Ups and allied groups that nestle under the TD Umbrella such as the art in the park at Meadowbank and Pippfest. We have a regular newspaper column and very good relations with local agencies.
Now is probably a good time to consider: where next?
There is so much that could be done. Many of us active in Transition are now involved in spin off groups such as Dorking Radical Film Festival and Dorking MINDs. We played a significant role in getting the Dorking BID launched.
So we can do a fresh injection of new blood for more hands to to carry on building Dorking.
What do you say?
We would like to share with you an idea for an event recently rolled out in the birthplace of Transition Totnes. They ran a Dragon’s Den recently, but with a difference. See: https://www.transitiontowntotn dragons-may-11th/
Listen to John Hopkins’s podcast re the Dragons event.
The competing entrepreneurs will not be given thumbs up or thumbs down instead they will have an audience of potential investors in the form of invited guests and the local community. The only thing is that the project MUST benefit the local community in a way that is sustainable.
We think that this is an idea that has great potential and can be rolled out in partnership with the newly formed BID team and the Chamber of Commerce. We would need people to help drive this forward.
So why not come along to Burgundy and Black, have a drink with the rest of us either celebrating, or cursing the election result and make some exciting plans for a town that is going places!
Refreshments at 7pm
Meeting starts at 7.45pm
Current projects will share news of their activities.
Then please come along with any ideas that you have for ways in which our resources can be put to good use.
Please fill in the following if you can come, for catering purposes. If you can’t come and are interested, drop us an e mail with your interest and comments

March 21, 2016

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