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Welcome to Dorking’s first ever Repair Café. Helping Dorkinians reduce landfill waste by repairing broken items.
We live in a throw away culture, an era of mass production and it’s damaging our beautiful and precious planet. Things have to change, the way we live has to change because the way we are currently living is not a sustainable model. Be part of that change by valuing the items you have worked hard to buy and instead of throwing them away into landfill come along to our Repair Café and see if repair is possible.
Before consigning something to the dustbin ask yourself this – can this be repaired, reused, recycled, repurposed/upcycled?
The Repair Café is open on the first Saturday of every month and kindly hosted by The Christian Centre in Dorking.
The service is free but we welcome donations to help pay for tools and sundries.
Check on the Dorking Repair Cafe Facebook  group to see what services are being offered this month as they expand. If you don’t have Facebook, contact Transition Dorking and we will update you.
April 5, 2018

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