Dorking Children’s Allotment

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Dorking Children’s Allotment is a community project started in 2015 and run by a core group of parents for local children, educated at school or home-schooled. Our plot is located on Ranmore Road behind St Martins School. Dorking Children’s Allotment provides a learning and play space that also helps bring a sense of community to […]

Dorking Solar Group

Dorking Solar Group Ltd (FCA registered: RS007367) is a non-political, not-for-profit, social benefit society, part of the wider ‘Transition Towns’ network. We were established in 2015 to take real action in the race against climate change and air quality emissions. Over the past few years we have been raising awareness about the threats of global […]

Inner Transition

Transition Dorking is also concerned about moving inwards, on the inner transition looking at how to cope with life’s challenges. See below for some contacts. Mark Whale runs a local mindfulness training for adults and is offering an introductory session on September 28th (10-4) in the Pixham Community Hall. Call 07939 560125 or email: Steve Edgar runs Meditation […]

Food Float

Food Float is a not for profit, Community Interest Company (CIC) largely run and supported by volunteers. You will find it positioned outside Barclay’s bank on Dorking High Street every Friday & Saturday, 9am-3pm. Food Float offers a range of local food, including bread, cheese, eggs, seasonal fruit and vegetables, including some wonderful vine tomatoes, […]

Dorking Community Orchard

We have established a small but growing community orchard on a beautiful, 2 acre site on the outskirts of the town (next to the Ranmore Allotments). With over 100 new fruit trees planted over the past 3 years, we are expecting to start harvesting in 2013 or 2014. We grow mainly apples, with an emphasis […]

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