Garden Share

garden share

Dorking Garden Share Scheme aims to put people who are keen to grow their own produce, but don’t have the space or don’t have a garden, in touch with those who have space in their gardens that they are willing to share. It provides an alternative to having an allotment and it’s a brilliant way to ensure that you have access to fresh, locally grown produce at a fraction of the cost of buying from the supermarket. It helps to reduce your food miles as well as your food bills.

The process of registration is simple. When you contact us we can email or post a registration form to you. Once we’ve got the completed form, depending on whether you’re a gardener or a garden owner, we can arrange to take you to the gardens you choose to see (there are descriptions of available gardens on our website), or we can come and visit you to take some photos of your garden and have a chat about the space that is on offer. We then write a short description of the garden which goes on the blog with the photos.

The process of introductions aims to be relaxed and free from pressure, and both parties are encouraged to make a decision in their own time about whether they want to go ahead with sharing. A contract is drawn up between you so that both parties are clear about the details of the share. Please check out our website or  contact Jenny at for more information.

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